Top 50 General Knowledge Question Answers About SCIENCE-1

Question No – (1) Which gas is most popular as laughing gas?

Answer: Nitrous oxide.

Question No – (2) Electromagnetic Field concept was observed and discovered by whom?
Answer: James Hargreaves.

Question No – (3) The BrahMos Missile was developed by which country?
Answer: Developed with Joint venture of India and Russia.

Question No – (4) The ‘Concept of Inertia’ was developed by?
Answer: Galileo.

Question No – (5) For the cultivation, name the crop required of water-logging?
Answer: Rice.

Question No – (6) Who achived the discovery of ‘Vitamin C’?
Answer: James Watson.

Question No – (7) What is the purest form of Iron?
Answer: Wrought Iron.

Question No – (8) What is the name of NASA Mars Rover and when its landed on MARS?
Answer: Curiosity (Launched on November 26, 2011, Landed on MARS – 6th August 2012).

Question No – (9) What is the speed of Earth around sun?
Answer: 30 km/sec.

Question No – (10) In our solar system the MARS is fourth planet according to sequences but how many moons has ‘Planet MARS’?
Answer: 2

Question No – (11) To measure the Humidity in air, what instrument used?
Answer: Hygrograph.

Question No – (12) Splitting of light into its constituent colors is known as what?
Answer: Dispersion.

Question No – (13) Basically the heavy water is used by which type of industries?
Answer: In Nuclear Power generation plants.

Question No – (14) ‘Machanical Clock’ made by whom?
Answer: Isaac Newton.

Question No – (15) By which Cotton fibers are made?
Answer: Cellulose.

Question No – (16) What is the name of tube which connects the middle ear with the throat?
Answer: Eustachian tube.

Question No – (17) A historical victory achieved by a Spacecraft which got Mars on its First try?
Answer: Mangalyaan (Developed by ISRO, launched on 5 November 2013, Reached – 24 September 2014).

Question No – (18) What is the best source of Protein?
Answer: Soyabean.

Question No – (19) ‘Energy of the Sun’ concept discovered by which scientist?
Answer: Hans Selye.

Question No – (20) Rate of growth of plant is measured by which instrument?
Answer: Auxanometer.

Question No – (21) One Horsepower (1 HP) is equivalent to approximately?
Answer: 746 Watts.

Question No – (22) Which was the first satellite of India, go into the orbit?
Answer: Aryabhatta.

Question No – (23) In human body ‘Vitamin K’ is necessary for what?
Answer: Formation of Prothrombin.

Question No – (24) Who discovered the ‘Modern Anthropology’?
Answer: Frederick Sanger.

Question No – (25) ‘White Revolution’ is related with what?
Answer: Milk Production.

Question No – (26) A very successful invention ‘Liquid Oxygen’ discovered by whom?
Answer: Dewar.

Question No – (27) What is the radiant energy of the sun is transmitted?
Answer: Short waves.

Question No – (28) What is the chemical formula of ‘Sodium Hydroxide’?
Answer: NAOH.

Question No – (29) Planet ‘Uranus’ was discovered by whom?
Answer: Hideki Yakawa.

Question No – (30) The Folded Earth book was written by?
Answer: Anuradha Roy.

Question No – (31) Barometer was invented by?
Answer: F. Banting.

Question No – (32) Which rays is very helpful in Long distance photography?
Answer: Infra Red rays.

Question No – (33) In India, who laid the foundation of Nuclear Science?
Answer: Homi J. Bhabha.

Question No – (34) In Computer, what is the full form of UPS?
Answer: UPS = Uninterruptable Power Supply.

Question No – (35) Which city is built on more then 100 islands?
Answer: Venice (capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region).

Question No – (36) Name the scientist whose discovered the ‘Fahrenheit Scale’?
Answer: Fahrenheit.

Question No – (37) Name of vegetable which is also known as a flower?
Answer: Broccoli.

Question No – (38) Until in 1930, what was the highest structure in the world?
Answer:  Eiffel Tower.

Question No – (39) Highest electrical conductivity found in which element?
Answer: Silver.

Question No – (40) Thermometer made first by?
Answer: Gauss.

Question No – (41) When India Supercomputer ‘PARAM 10000’ was unveiled?
Answer: In 1998.

Question No – (42) ‘Foundations of Biology’ concept given by whom?
Answer: Jean Piaget.

Question No – (43) Planet Jupiter has how many moons?
Answer: Jupiter has at least 67 known moons.

Question No – (44) Soda water contains what?
Answer: Carbon dioxide.

Question No – (45) Stainless Steel invented by whom?
Answer: Harvey.

Question No – (46) Which planet is commonly known as Dwarf Planet?
Answer: Pluto.

Question No – (47) In 1911 ‘Georges Claude’ invented what?
Answer: Neon lights.

Question No – (48) As of November 2015, which country have most of supercomputers?
Answer: USA (199 Supercomputers).

Question No – (49) Name the suitable material for purify the water?
Answer: Zeolites.

Question No – (50) The invention of Electric Flat Iron was successfully by?
Answer: H. C. Urey.


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