Computer knowledge

1. Who is known as father of computer ?

Answer: Charles Babbage
2. Who is the father of World Wide Web ?

Answer: Tim Berners Lee
3. Who invented Computer Mouse ?

Answer: Douglas Carl Engelbart
4. Who is the founder of Hotmail ?

Answer: Sabeer Bhatia
5. Which day is observed as Computer Literacy Day ?

Answer: December 2
6. Which company introduced mouse as an input device ?

Answer: Apple corporation
7. Which is the first Personal computer ?

Answer: The Altair
8. A group of 4 bits is called as ?

Answer: Nibble
9. Where is first Techno park in India situated ?

Answer: Trivandrum (Kerala)
10. India’s first private Internet Service Provider ?

Answer: Satyam Infoway Ltd
11. Who wrote the autobiography  ‘Passage from Life of a Philosopher’ ?

Answer: Charles Babbage 


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