Important G.k questions-

1. The spherical shape of a drop is due to _______ ?

Answer: Surface tension

*2.  Who is the present RBI Governor ?

Answer:   Urjit Patel

3. Earth is protected from Ultra voilet radiation by _______ ?

Answer: Ozone

4. If we move from equator to pole the value of acceleration due to gravity “g”_______ ?

Answer:  Increases

5. Capital of VeneZuela ?

Answer: Karakkas

6. Solid carbon dioxide is known as ______?

Answer: Dry ice

7.  VAT was first introduced in which country ?

Answer: France

8. Which instrument is used to measure blood pressure ?

Answer: Sphygmomano meter

9. How many coastal states are in India ?

Answer: 9

10. The country which lost the largest number of people in the 2nd world war ?

Answer: Japan

11. How many fundamental duties are laid in the constitution of India ?

Answer: 11
11 a. How many fundamental rights are recognized in the constitution of India ?

Answer: 6
12. Which is the Biggest Museum ?

Answer:  British Museum, London

13. Shora is the parliament of  _______?

Answer: Afghanistan

14. Who is the first person to get Param vir chakra ?

Answer: Major Somnath Sharma

15. Which is the largest fresh water lake in India ?

Answer: Wular Lake
15 a. Wular Lake is in which state?

Answer: Jammu and Kashmir
16. Which is the longest river in peninsular India ?

Answer: Godavari River
16 a. River godavari originates from ?

Answer: Brahmagiri Mountain

17. What is the full form of SIM ?

Answer: Subscriber Identity Module 

18. Who is the founder of Van Mahotsav ?

Answer: K.M. Munshi

19. What is the full form of https ?

Answer:  Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

20. Where is Sardar Sarovar project situated ?

Answer: Gujarat

21. Which is the coldest planet in the solar system?

Answer: Neptune

22. Which is the Longest National Highway in India ?

Answer: NH 44 (old name NH 7)

23. Which is the smallest National Highway in India ?

Answer: NH 966B

24. How many bones are there in human skull ?

Answer: 22

25. Union public service commission  was established on ?

Answer: 1 October 1926 

26. Kyoto protocol was adopted in which year ?

Answer: 11-Dec-1997
27. Kyoto protocol was came in to force from which year ?

Answer: 16-Feb-2005 
28.Kyoto is the city from which country?

29. Device used for measure radiation ?

Answer: geiger muller counter
30. Number of seats in Lok sabha?

Answer: 545 (543 elected+2 nominated) 
31. Number of seats in Rajya  sabha?

Answer: 245 (233 elected+12 nominated) 
32. The second person who land on the moon?

Answer: Edwin Eugene Aldrin 
33. which country is known as land of white elephants?

Answer: Thailand
34. which country is known as land of cakes?

Answer: Scotland
35. which country is known as land of thousand lakes

Answer: Finland
36. which country is known as land of windmills

Answer: Netherland
37 . which country is known as land of lilies ?

Answer: Canada
38. Who are the founders of “Google”?

Answer: Larry Page, Sergey Brin
39. who is the author of  “Glimpses of World History” ?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru
40. who wrote the book “India Divided”?

Answer: Rajendra Prasad
*41. Who is the father of indian space program?

answer: Vikram Sarabhai
*42. Where is ISRO headquarters?

Answer: Bengaluru
*43.  Which team won first Twenty-20 worldcup at 2007?

Answer: India
*44.Intensity of light is measured by?

Answer: Lux meter


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