Staff nurse exam guide-important terms

1.➡ Pulsation in the lateral vaginal fornix due to increased blood supply is 

*Osiander sign*
2.➡ Bluish/dusky/purplish discoloration of vagina during pregnancy :-

*Jacquemier’s sign / Chadwick’s sign*
3. ➡ Softening in the midline of the uterus anteriorly at the junction of the uterus & cervix  called :-

*Ladin’s sign*
4.➡ Flexing body of uterus against the cervix called:-

*McDonald’s sign*
5.➡ Irregular softening and enlargement of the uterine Fundus during pregnancy called

*Von Braun-fern Wald’s sign*
6. ➡ Softening of lower uterine pole called :-

*Hegar’s sign*
7.➡ Softening of the cervix called :

*Goodell’s sign*
8.➡ Asymmetrical enlargement of the uterus if there is lateral implantation called :-

*Piskacek’s sign*
9.➡ Regular and rhythmic uterine contraction can be elicited during bimanual examination called :-

*Palmer’s sign*


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